About the Ginger behind this page

My Transformation to Healthy Journey So Far:



Who I am…

-ACE certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

-Honors Student for Exercise Science

-Business Degree

-Gymnastics/Cheerleading Coach

-Atlanta GA

My love for fitness started long ago. I grew up as an athlete, I was a gymnast for over 10 years of my life, I then went to cheerleading and got to the highest level without being a college athlete. I was always active growing up. Living in a small town, you either play video games, get into trouble, or you get into a sport that consumes your free time. I chose the latter of the three. As soon as I was done with high school (a year early as Valedictorian, might I add…nerd alert) I went on to college sort of clueless as to what I wanted to do. I switched my major a couple of times. I ended up getting a Business degree, which I pretty much don’t really know why I got now, as I hate 9-5 desk, corporate world. Yuck. I started coaching gymnastics and cheer since I was beyond the age to be able to compete myself. I found a niche I am good at. I enjoy it. I love it. I love helping the athletes achieve their goals. I am great with drills and conditioning, with stretching and leading. I thrive off of it. And so the love began. I realized I had some issues with foods about two years ago. My stomach was constantly hurting. I pretty much would rather starve myself than eat because I would hurt so much. I went through a starvation period, hating all food. It was bad. I honestly have had a rough relationship with food since high school as sad as it sounds. When I quit wanting to live in starvation, I started doing my research. I eliminated certain foods and food groups to figure it out. It’s taken a lot of work, a lot of extra studying for my own benefit, and a lot of dedication, but I am the happiest, smallest, and healthiest I have ever been. And I want to share my findings and journey with you. I am currently working on getting a degree in what I really want to do with my life, I am getting my BS in Exercise Science at a really great school here in Georgia. I am collecting certifications from ACE to start the work I love as I just left corporate world. I have years of experience coaching athletes, and I want to keep coaching, from fitness to nutrition to staying mentally healthy as well. So many ‘fitness experts’ around here only focus on you getting tiny, and forgetting about your mental health along the way. This is where I am different. I want to see everyone with a balance. Being healthy in all aspects of life.

I am here to be honest. I am here to break the ice. I am here to tell you what no one else wants to. I won’t lie. I won’t take the easy route. You will either absolutely love me, or you will want to sucker punch me in the face. Either way is fine with me. I am still telling it just exactly like it is, either way.


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