You vs You Fitness

Online Coaching. In person Training. And even helping with shopping, lifestyle changes, and helping YOU reach YOUR goals to become the best YOU you can possibly be. Always remember, this isn’t a competition between you and the models on the magazines, nor the person on the treadmill next to you. It’s YOU against YOURSELF. Who’s gonna win?


One Time Online Consultation- You will answer and fill out a question filled pdf/word document and return it, answering it as honestly as you can (eating habits, workout habits, size, stats, and so on). I will then evaluate where you are, help you with goal setting as needed, and advise you to make certain changes in nutrition/fitness/healthy living habits. I will give you a general guide to go by (ex: workout out 4 days a week-3 days of lifting with cardio, 1 cardio day, a general macro outline). This is NOT a macro package nor a Workout Plan. This is just a good place to start when you are feeling overwhelmed with changing your lifestyle into a healthier one.

Jump Start Plan- I will give you your macro guidelines as well as workouts to do for a full month. Give me a month & I will change your habits. It takes 21 days to make something a habit. I will coach you & be your ‘cheerleader’ to help you reach your goals. You will send me your stats, your goals, and your current habits (any working out, how often, how/what do you eat right now, etc). I will give you a full workout plan specially made for YOU according to your information, schedule, and goals. **This can be made for BOTH at home workouts as well as working out at a full gym. Please let me know of what equipment you have available to you**

Customized Macro Evaluation & Guidance-This is to evaluate your stats as of now, evaluate and help set goals, and then figure out the macros needed for YOU   to reach your goals (bulk, lose weight, lose inches, gain weight, etc). Can up-date as your body changes over time.

Customized Workout Evaluation & Guidance- This is the tailored fitness package. I will evaluate where you are currently, give you a fitness ‘test’ to accomplish, as well as ask you things you enjoy and have access to, as well as schedule, time conflict. We will set goals (process AND product goals ie: lose a size AND be able to do 20 push ups without failure) and I will create a custom workout plan tailored just FOR YOU. I will help you reach your goals and make new goals. *This CAN be made for working out at home & outdoors. Please let me know if you prefer that as well as things you have access to (stairs, parking lot, field, big back yard, any weights, pull up bar, so on)**

24/7 Coaching- This is the VIP package. You will be able to have access to me daily, to motivate, answer questions, and guide you as needed. You will have my phone number as well as other means of contact. You will need to check in with progress photos every week minimum and to keep you accountable. I will be guiding you through your workouts/how often, as well as macros and eating habits. **no starving** I do NOT promote starving/no carb/high cardio regimens. You will be eating a balanced healthy diet, no ‘cheat days’. Just a flexible diet. I will be able to tweak/correct your macros and/or workouts as you progress and change, making this 100% customized for YOU. This will be a month to month fee as long as you wish to continue.



If you live in the area and would like a session with me in person, that is possible as well. I also offer a complimentary initial ‘Healthy Changes help’ session. Read on for more info! first t


If you live in the area, I am offering to come grocery shopping with you to help you change your (and/or your family’s) habits! I do not ask for any money for this service, I will meet you and help you shop for the right things, giving you tips for what you should/should not buy or eat, what brands to buy, how to save money, as well as recipes. I will then help you clean out your kitchen to donate foods you should get rid of, followed by helping you make a healthy meal for you (and/or family/friends). I GENUINELY CARE ABOUT SHARING MY KNOWLEDGE AND HELPING OTHERS CHANGE THEIR LIVES. You just have to buy the groceries and that’s it. I then help you cook and we share a fantastically, good for you meal! Please email with ‘HEALTHY CHANGES HELP’ as the subject so we can hopefully figure out a good time/day and store to plan for.


1 Session: This is a 1 hour session when we work out for 30 minutes so I can evaluate where you are with your fitness level as well as show you how you should be working out. The other 30 minutes of the session will be spent going over your personal stats & goals, as well as answering any questions you may have and going over what you should be doing regularly moving forward to achieve the goals we set.



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